I Need to Pause the Aging Process…

I’m 32. As I enter my 30’s… I’m discovering that I somehow need to “pause” the aging process. Not so much stop it… just put it in slo-mo perhaps. You can also call My Botox LA for a consultation for relief from all your aging problems.

I met Dr. Robert Mazurek at our recent National Moms Nite Out event. He explained a bit about the aging process to our large group of women and described several ways that we could take good care of our skin.

I was impressed by him because he wasn’t just talking about his products in particular (which are sold nationally), but he also talked about skin care in general. Like the use of sunscreen, for instance. The SPF number only explains how long you can be in the sun before you burn. It doesn’t protect us against the harmful UV rays that cause skin damage. I wanted to know about the medical uses of BOTOX as a fix for aging as well.

Why am I tell you about Dr. Mazurek? Because he’s currently running a special offer. I’m not being paid to share this offer with you. I’m sharing it with you because I think it’s a smokin’ deal. I’m sharing it with you because after hearing Dr. Mazurek speak and learning about his products… I’m trying them out.

The special offer allows you to Buy a 3 month supply of Impress Facial Rounds and get one month free. The 3 month supply is regularly priced $135, your price is just $90.

If you are among the first 100 to order, we will also include a $25 HydroDEEP Moisturizer, a trial size FoamyFRESH cleanser and a sample PrimeSHADE sunscreen & makeup primer at no additional charge.

If you’d like to join me in trying out Impress Skincare… here’s the special link: www.impressskincare.com/mom