Getting It Done. But Smaller.

I’ve recently been watching what I eat—I’ve essentially turned the vegetarian corner, not that that’s relevant here—and exercising more. I’ve lost a couple of dress sizes in the last few months, which would be awesome if it were not for my family and friends asking me if I’m sick. How I have time to work out and not eat the kids’ chicken nuggets and cheese cubes is beyond me, but I find the time. But nowadays, I’m leaner, stronger, have more endurance than a post-partum mom breastfeeding twins. Oh… wait. Yeah–been there done that. I’m the Foursquare mayor of Getting It Done.

A third person in as many weeks has expressed concern that I might be sick, based on random photos they’ve seen from me. I have it on good authority (my own sarcastic guesses) that these are the same people who touch a pregnant woman’s belly at the grocery store. So on the one hand, I take it as a compliment (I guess?), but on the other hand I’m annoyed. And not for the reason you might think.

Where were these people when I could have found them useful? When I was pregnant with twins and on bed rest and had to order grocery delivery and find someone to drive me to perinatologist appointments? When I needed someone to shovel Twinkies and tater tots into my mouth when I found out I wasn’t gaining weight at any sort of ideal level? In fact, I lost weight when I was pregnant with the twins—how messed up is that? I was one of those pregnant-with-twins mothers who you’d never guess was pregnant until I turned around to face you. So hey, all you people who apparently love me and hope I am okay (in your own passive-aggressive ways)–now that I’m not pregnant, why is it so hard to get a friggin compliment on my middle section?

I guess metabolism is a tricky thing. Also not overly-hard boiling eggs. That’s tricky as all get out, too.


  1. Tony Felice says:

    I recently turned the corner to *mostly* vegetarian. I’m feeling better and I really thought I’d miss meat but doing better. Any recommendations when I’m craving a juicy burger?

  2. Cass says:

    I’m so new at this that I don’t really have a decent suggestion for you. :/ I keep away from meat because I suddenly have an intense aversion to the look and texture of it, so a Gardenburger suits me just fine. I’ve had no big juicy burger cravings in a few weeks–but I know what you mean, because as recently as a month ago I was an absolute sucker for a decent mushroom swiss burger from Red Robin (or anywhere).

    If I find that I’m craving one of the meat dishes that I typically like, I’m hoping I can adapt it to use a portobello cap and just add a topping to it (mushroom/swiss, avocado/jack cheese, onion strings/blue cheese) and call it a day.

    If you, or anyone, knows of a good link for recipes and information on how to adapt a meatless diet to a carnivorous family’s needs, please share. My kids need the protein from meat, and my husband would never give meat up, but I don’t care for it personally.

    I’ve found myself in quite a conundrum, eh?