Tips For Traveling With Children

Summer is almost here… it’s time to start planning our annual summer family vacation! It’s one of my favorite times of year. I love packing the suitcases. I love jumping in the car and heading off on a journey. I even love food on the road! The thing I love most is the smiles on the faces of my girls as they realize that the day has come.

The one thing that’s most difficult for me when it comes to vacation is the planning time. It really takes time to find the best deal on hotel, airfare, rental car, event tickets… I also like to have something new and fun to wear! So there is some shopping time involved! If we’re driving… the car needs maintenance before we head out onto the open road. And the snacks… I have to pack the snacks!

I try not to let all of those details get me down though. I try to focus on what’s really important. I know that we’ll arrive and we’ll have an amazing time.. even if there are a few snags along the way.

Here are my best travel tips for parents:

1. Be sure to pack snacks. This is one of the first things I do when packing for a trip. Not only will it keep a case of the crabbies away… It will keep your kids fueled for the day to come. And… if there was an unexpected emergency (like the time the police closed the highway and we were trapped for 6 hours) … You’ll have something to munch on!

2. Bring along some entertainment! There’s nothing worse than hearing the dreaded “are we there yet?” or the ever so cliche “don’t make me turn this car around!”. For the sanity of both parent and child… be sure to bring along something to pass the time with. Portable DVD players aren’t as expensive as they used to be and travel board games are in abundance! My girls love to color… just don’t leave the crayons in the car!

3. Driving? Ride comfortably. Nothing makes a road trip more uncomfortable than a cramped car. There are tons of rental deals out there… especially during non-peak travel times. Take advantage and rent your family a sweet ride. Comfort will help little ones to doze off during a long trip.

4. Plan ahead. Using a travel agent or a travel website can help get you a smokin’ deal. These websites will often let you compare deals on competitor sites, check out seasonal specials, and book last minute deals. Dealing directly with a friendly travel agent can also get you exclusive access to special events just by asking. Really! It’s happened to us before!

So get out there and start planning your most amazing summer vacation ever!

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  1. Jeff says:

    There’s something in the air for I too published a traveling with kids article today!

    Def. don’t leave those waxy crayons in the hot car!

  2. Jacque Mosher says:

    A little tip, instead of crayons and coloring book they have small Magna Doodles that are just tinier versions of the big ones. No mess and they take up little room. :)

  3. Kim Orlando says:

    Jeff – it’s called SPRING!
    Jacque – we still love model magic – no mess and great for hands that need to be busy

  4. Jacque says:

    Kim, I have actually been eyeing that at the store. Thanks for the recommendation. Now I will definitely get some for the kiddos! :)

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