Pool Safety Season. Already?

This weekend here in Phoenix, two children tragically drowned. Meanwhile, two others are lucky to still be alive after they were pulled from their family pools. This all happened in four separate incidents. And it could happen to anyone–your kid, your family, your neighbors. Tragedies like this don’t just happen to irresponsible, low-income, or jerky parents. This stuff happens to families like yours and mine, all the time, and it must be a living nightmare for all parties involved.

Water safety is a big deal with me, as I’m sure it is for all of you. We don’t have a swimming pool at our home right now, but I am hyper-vigilant with kids around water. Letting your kids take a swim means that the supervising parent does nothing except sit at the pool and watch those kids until they are snugly wrapped in beach towels in the living room. You don’t leave the pool side. You don’t get up to grab your phone. You ignore the doorbell. Of all the hats we wear as parents, the lifeguard hat is the single most critical one.  I mentioned another water safety tip here a few weeks ago.

Three decades ago, a toddler drowned in her family pool in west Phoenix. It was an incredible, heartbreaking tragedy, and deeply affected everyone involved. In fact, the cop who answered that drowning call cried with the surviving family members, went home, and convinced his pregnant wife to name their first child after her. My dad felt so compelled by this tragedy that he honored that baby girl by giving me her name.

Watch. Those. Kids. Around. Water. There is no replacement for adult supervision at all times.  Period.


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