“Her Shees Kiss”

This conversation just happened:
Me: You can have a Hershey’s Kiss after your sister takes her antibiotic.
Boy: I want a Shees Kiss now.
Me: You mean “Hershey’s Kiss”.
Boy: (crying) But I want a Shees Kiss, too!
Me: What are you talking about?! You can have a Hershey’s Kiss, but not ’til after she takes her medicine.
Boy: Shees Kiss! I want one, too! ::sob::
Ah. So, this is their first exposure to a Hershey’s Kiss, and they both think it’s “Her-shees Kiss”. He’s waiting for me to give him a His-shees Kiss, I guess?
And I recorded everything on my Flip–everyone should have the chance to be entertained by such messy-shirted three year olds:  Her Shees Kiss 4-2011 (You Tube)

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