Neer To My Heart

Being a mom (or Dad for that matter) means you have a busy schedule to keep track of. I have a paper calendar in my purse, a desk calendar, alerts on my phone, Google calendar, a grocery list, a to do list… and it goes on and on…

I’m not going to get all salesgirl on you by any means… but I have to tell you about this app I’m now using. While at SXSW in Austin, I was invited to learn about a new app called Neer. Initially, I was skeptical because to be honest… I was all app’ d out. But after I heard the functionality of the app… I was sold.

Raise your hand if you hate going to the grocery store! *raises her hand* Yeah… me too. I either buy way more than I needed to or I forget the key items I went there to purchase in the first place. Neer has amazing “magic location reminders” that allow you to set to-do lists for your most frequented places… like the grocery store! It then sends you an alert when you pull into the parking lot! Don’t forget the toilet paper!

The thing I like most about Neer is that it’s private. I choose the inner circle of friends and family that I want to share my day with. I don’t want my whole social circle to know that I’m at my kid’s school for a meeting with the teacher… but I want my husband to know. And how about this? If I’m running late… my babysitter can check in on my whereabouts and not interrupt my meeting. (Of course I send a courtesy text!)

Neer is a FREE app and it’s a fantastic way to keep families in the loop. To illustrate that… they had YouTube sensations Jorge & Alexa Narvaez sing their song “Home” at their booth at SXSW. I just melted when I heard little Alexa sing this sweet song.

By the way… I wasn’t compensated at all for this post. I just really happen to like the app. Plus this video is as cute as can be! How do you keep your loved ones in the loop?


  1. I can’t tell you the countless times I have gotten to the register and didn’t get the one item I came in for. Unless its crucial that I have it that moment, I don’t go back and get it. The line is too long, I don’t want to get back in line, I don’t want to ring one tiny little item on my debit card again, I have kids with me, or I rationalize I’ll just come back tomorrow..Yeah..we know how coming to the grocery store again all works, the tiny little item I could have paid for that day turns into a “I don’t really need this right now, but it’s on sale” over the budget transaction. Well what I’m saying is I need this App, count me in.

    Thanks for sharing
    Kendyall Guthrie