A Modern Eden: Fun with iPod

I don’t do many reviews. My inbox is flooded with them daily, but it takes something special for me to share a product or service with my readers. When I was asked to take a look at a new set of iPhone apps for children… I happily agreed! My girls know their way around our iPhone and iPod touch better than I do sometimes. I’m always looking for entertaining and educational ways for them to spend their time. Angry Birds can only hold someone’s attention for so long you know…

A Modern Eden is a whimsical little company out of Dayton, OH. (This actually thrills me because the majority of my family lives around there.) A Modern Eden has created an alphabet menagerie  full of friendly animals. Flash cards, tote bags, wall decals and two iPhone apps feature these friendly characters.

I downloaded both apps onto my iPod Touch. I thought I’d see how my preschooler, Allison liked them. We started with “C” is For Cow. The colors are vibrant and the sounds are happy. She already knows her alphabet, but still loved hearing the animals names associated with each letter.

Next she opened up Speak, Piggy. This particular app made her giggle uncontrollably. Why? Only a preschooler would know… but each Oink, Niegh, and Hoot started a fit of giggles that I couldn’t help but join in on. Speak, Piggy also helps children learn about animal habitats.

Not only are these apps fun and educational… but they’re also beautiful. Each animal is a work of art. And the fun isn’t over yet! The FAQ on A Modern Eden tells us that more animal friends are being developed. A Spanish version is also on the way! The best part? The apps are only .99 cents each. So pop into A Modern Eden and give the apps a shot. It’s worth the round of giggles you get in return. I’d recommend these apps for young preschoolers ages 2-4 years old.

I’m going to give away 2 sets of codes… along with a wall poster ($10 value) and a wall decal! Contest ends Sunday, March 13th at midnight MST time. Winners (2) will be announced on Monday, March 14th.

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*Note: I was given a code to download these apps for free. I was not paid for my opinion and even if I had been… all views expressed on my blog are mine. Thanks!


  1. Cassandra says:

    Ooh ooh ooh! Good to know! I’ve been contemplating a “our favorite iPod apps” posting, too–the kids got iPod touches for Christmas and enough time has passed that now I can tell which apps were hits and which were misses.

    I’ve not heard of these, but if you say they’re a hit at your house then I’m sure they will be at mine, too. Can’t wait!

  2. Jacque says:

    We recently purchased a VTech touch learning system for our 4 year old. She LOVES it. We haven’t taken it on a trip yet but it will definitely be something we do take in the future.
    Before that we would play games based on sight in the car. We would pick out colors and the kids would find something that was that color and ‘shout’ it out. :) Though we live in Phx crayons are not my best friend when in the car when it gets hot but also take coloring books with us on long drives. My favorite are the little Doodles though. No mess and the kids can draw and erase as much as they want. :)

  3. Fiona says:

    There are some really great apps – Kat loves the music related ones and honestly I love that she’s learning when I need her occupied for a moment or too… call it the guilt reliever? These sound great!

  4. I couldn’t survive a trip without a DVD player and the leapsfer explorer. Recently I started allowing them occasional use of my iPhone and I’m shocked how well my toddler son can manipulate it.

  5. Viva says:

    We LOVE our ipod touch too. I use it at Dr’s offices, bigger shopping trips or anywhere I need to focus without interruption. Speak, Piggy sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the chance.

  6. TINA says:

    We give are kids the ipod touch, it keeps mine so quiet, I also keep crayons and a small note book with me. If the ipods go dead on me out, my son has no problem asking for my phone : )