Try It. You’ll Like It.

One of the things I love about social media, is the fact that someone will go out and try a product and then share their experience with the rest of us. If they hate the product… they’ll steer us clear of it. If they love the product… they’ll recommend it to us.

I did this recently on a mission for Collective Bias. I went out and purchased a new line of shampoo and conditioner from Equate at WalMart and I tried it. For you. *sweet smile*

I know what you’re thinking… Equate? WalMart? Hair care? That’s what I was thinking. But hey… I was curious. What could possibly be new and worth trying in the value brand category of shampoo and conditioners? Well… Let me tell you!

Equate is no stranger to value priced hair care. Their products actually dominated the aisle at the WalMart I visited. (You can check out my Whrrl story for a visual) They have a line for each type of hair issue: curly, fine, thick, moisturizing, volumizing, color care. Here’s the thing. Next to Equate’s new brand, Simply U, those lines look old school.

Simply U, by Equate, has a sexier, shinier packaging. It looks more salon like. And let’s face it… people do judge a book by it’s cover. This new packaging, along with some updated ingredients, and a small line of styling products, make Simply U a competitor in WalMart’s shampoo aisle. Right there amongst the more expensive Bed Head and Matrix products… you’ll find Equate’s Simply U and it fits right in.

Ok… now that I’ve told you what a value it is and how pretty the new packaging is… I’ll bet you want to know if it works. Here’s how I truly feel about it. Simply U feels good. It doesn’t feel cheap or “value” line-like. It truly has a silky, creamy quality and it smells nice too. The shampoo lathers well and the conditioner detangles.

Will I be switching from my usual $20 a bottle salon shampoo? Probably not. But I do think that the new Simply U line from Equate is an excellent step up for someone seeking a better-than-value-line shampoo. And if I wasn’t such a hair snob… I would switch. In all fairness… my kids lathered up and liked it too. They may become loyal Simply U consumers!

Moral of the story? Try it. You’ll like it.

Check out my Whrrl for a visual tour of my shopping experience.

I was compensated for the time I took to try and buy and write about my experience. This doesn’t change the fact that all the opinions above are my own.


  1. Jacque says:

    I might try out one the items for curly hair. I normally purchase our shampoo at Costco but I like to mix it up sometimes and try out new stuff. Thanks for the info! :)