There is Never Enough Time… To Please a Woman

With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, I thought I’d take a minute and remind all the readers that there is truly never enough time to please a woman.

Some of you reading are now getting angry saying of course there is time its takes 5 minutes, a box of chocolates, a vase full of roses, what could be simpler? For most men it’s never that simple because of one key thing… lack of communication… Which is something I’m working on with my wife. Being that we’re in the city that never sleeps, i’ts also the city that will charge you unholy amounts when there is a hallmark holiday. This being one of those times, roses will be 500% more expensive then on any other day. Restaurants create price fixed meals that really are just money makers to them.

The romance of this holiday has long since passed for me, maybe in 3rd
grade when you wanted to see which boy would get the most Valentine’s day cards from which girls or vice-versa. Now this holiday is about trying to do no wrong… even after asking my wife what she wants, which she says is usually something practical its not truly what she wants… she wants romance, she wants spontaneity, she wants passion and love and all those things that we might have been able to do if not for the fact that we’re parents. Life has changed, the close we get to spontaneity now is when our son falls asleep earlier then

For this holiday I suggest this… carve out some time – create a
special memory with your beloved. Don’t forget the card or the candy
but really the most important thing is take a picture that day in some
crazy moment – print it and save it because we’re never this young
again and its always nice to remember the good days and most
importantly do tell your beloved how much they mean to you!


  1. I would have to agree. To me, Valentines Day is all about just acknowledging your relationship with open communications. This year, my husband is up in Philly looking at colleges with our son. OUR son that we created together. They’re bonding and having fun and you know what? That’s a great Valentines gift for me. Just saying…

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