Mars and Venus–I’m telling you.

Ways I’ve noticed that boys and girls are different:

The girl smells the flower.
The boy plucks every petal off and throws it all to the ground.

When the girl is finished eating, she pushes her plate out of the way and asks, “Dessert, please?”
When the boy is finished eating, he flings his cup and plate onto the floor and screams, “Moooooooooom!”

The girl lines up her Disney Princesses in an orderly fashion in front of her and talks to them.
The boy stacks up blocks and knocks them down over and over.

The boy maniacally sprays out messy zerberts.
The girl replies, “Please, don’t spit on me.”

I swear, I’ve raised them exactly the same–They’re twins. I am with both of them together the same amount (read: all of the) time, treat them the same, I use the same language and vocabulary for both. And somehow, after 3 years, the girl seems to be 100% civilized while the boy is still bordering on neanderthalic (unless you’re going to tell him one day that I said that, in which case I mean to say “the boy is just hunky dory with me”).

What other examples do you have to share?


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