Bridging the Parenting Gap

Josh is going on hiatus from our little Friday Dad’s column. Have no fear… a new batch of dads are coming in from the bull pen to fill the void. I’ve added a few notes throughout the post. I’m the editor… I can do that! xo K

Parenting is one of the most challenging and yet gratifying things a human being can and probably will ever encounter. When your children are born you’re not supplied with a handy dandy Owner’s Manual. Wow, wouldn’t that be awesome though? Can you imagine one that’s customized to each child? Ooh! I think I’m going to invent this! Wait, I may have a problem actually ensuring it’s delivered with baby. Yeah, that could be a sticky situation.

Where was I? (Note from the editor: I will miss this most. Ha!)

Oh right, so my point is from the time you get the news that you or your spouse is pregnant you’re running off to the bookstore. We read as much as we can about that little being that’s going to enter our lives. As prepared as we think we’re getting nothing really prepares us for that big day. It’s kind of ironic what happens when you or your spouse finally do give birth. Ironic in that everyone wants to be around you to provide you with support but what often winds up happening is that we still feel all alone! Whether it’s when we’re up at 2:00am trying to console a screaming baby or doing everything you can to prevent your 17 month old from stuffing a crayon up your 2 year olds nose!

One of the best things I’ve done, as a parent, to bridge the gap between supportive family, books, and that loneliness I was talking about is: the world of blogging/social media. I’ve met so many incredible parents through my blog, this blog, Twitter, and Facebook. (Editor’s Note: I totally agree on this!) We may not know each other personally but we’re all going through very similar things. What’s great is you can turn your computer or phone on anytime of the day/night and have instant community. As a parent who loves talking about my experiences, sharing advice, and seeking advice of my own I’ve found an incredible vehicle. Blogging, and spending time on social media sites isn’t for everyone. There are downsides of course and I’m not really going to get into those here. The point of this post isn’t about the pros and cons of social media. More so, my intent is to encourage you to reach out in whatever way is comfortable for you.

Parenting doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. Getting support from others and surrounding yourself with others in similar situations is not only important but it will make you a better person/parent. Of course, if you’re reading this you’re already doing that. If you’re not writing a blog of your own now or spending time around parents online you may want to consider doing so. I never had aspirations to become a writer. In fact, I didn’t read my first book until after I graduated High School. However, I’ve found that writing is actually an amazing tool to channel my energy (positive and negative).

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked by Kelly to write on her blog for the last few months. This blog is a great place to find the support and resources I’ve been reffering to. Unfortunately, this is going to be my last regular post on Kelly’s blog for awhile. (*sadface* Note from the editor) Of course, you can still find me on, Monday nights on my new show with Adam Cohen of and also on

I may not be here moving forward (*Note from the editor: But you’ll visit! Right!?) but I encourage you to reach out to me via any of the sites I just mentioned! In addition, I’m always around on Twitter @DadStreet and via Facebook at Whether you’re reaching out to me, Kelly or any of the other great parenting resources out there I encourage you to find what works for you and share, share, share. After all, what more important topic can you think of that’s worth sharing than the one that involves the health and well being of our beautiful children?

*Note: Thank you Josh… for all of the insightful posts over the last several months! I appreciate your effort and most of all your friendship. I look forward to the new batch of dads we get to stalk in the coming weeks here at Everyday Childhood.


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