What Would You Do To Get Home To Your Kids?

Are Stubbornness and DonkeyAssness inherited traits? I ask myself this question because I’m scared about what O and Jake are going to get from me! These traits were realized for me after a culmination of very bad timing mixed with traveling some 2,000+ miles.

My day started with the Meteorologists calling for 2” to 4” of snow. Weather delays were starting to show their ugly faces that morning when others were calling in to the check flight status’. I felt somewhat comfortable with the situation given that I was traveling to the sunny, dry, and warm west coast. I arrived at the airport about 2 hours before my scheduled departure. I normally wouldn’t get there that early but I figured given the weather I was better off there than somewhere driving through snow and traffic. Once at the airport the first sign of my day would make an appearance.

Flight delayed an hour

I wasn’t too terribly concerned about this as I originally had a two hour layover for my next connecting flight. In fact, I was somewhat stoked I’d only have to wait an hour for my next and final flight. I wouldn’t be so lucky as my flight would once again be further delayed.

Flight delayed an hour and 30 minutes

Once aboard my flight it didn’t take me long to realize that the hour I thought I had to wait during my next flight was now about 15 minutes. I was on a Boeing 777 and on these planes you get the nice screen in the back of the seat in front of you. Aside from movies, games, etc. it gives you a read out of where you are, how fast your traveling, and when you’re expected to land. Well, not long after we took off it become very clear I’d be missing my next flight home. I don’t think it mattered that we landed just before my next flight was to take off. The added fact that this plane being so big also meant it would take me a long time to exit didn’t help my situation.

“Sorry Sir your flight has left and that was the last one to Monterey.”

That’s pretty much the news I got when arriving at LAX, 2 hours after I was supposed to land. The friendly people at Delta told me that not only would they not pay for a hotel for me they also wouldn’t pay for a rental car. They booked me on the next flight out at 10:00am the next day!

This is the part where my “need” to be home to see my family and my donkeyassness came in. I knew I was only about 350 miles south of home and even though it was 9:30 at night and I had been traveling all day (waking up at the equivalent west coast time of 3:00am) I was determined to be home. I rented a car and off I went. I had made this drive many times before as my in-laws live in SoCal so it was almost second nature. The drive went fine for the first 3 hours until sleep deprivation set in. I pulled over once for a few minutes of shut eye but that wasn’t enough. I think I was so tired that I wasn’t even thinking straight. I should have pulled over. Nope, not me…I was on a mission. I was getting home! Well that decision would lead me to the next level of excitement for the night.

Rental Car Smash Derby

Only about 30 miles from home, driving through a lettuce field I found myself running over something very hard and large. It wasn’t an animal but it was big enough that it jarred the front of the car up in the air! After landing (and waking up!) I realized something was very wrong. I pulled off in the field and got out to realize that both right wheels were bent and the front tire was blasted! Ugghhh….! It was now 2:00am and I was stuck in a dark field. One hour later after a quick call to AAA I was back on the road to drop the car off at the airport. 4:00am I walked in the door.

I had 3 hours to sleep before waking up for work and was so excited to be home. Beaten, tired, aggravated, and delirious I was just happy to know I was home with my family and to be going to bed finally. Walking around the bed about to get in I noticed it wasn’t just my wife asleep. O had joined her at some point and was sleeping on my side! I crawled in and even though I had about 4” of space to actually lie in a very contorted pretzel like kind of way, it was okay.

After 2,000 miles of flying, two hours of delay, 350 miles of driving, and a car accident later I couldn’t think of a better place to be than snuggled up with my baby girl!

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  1. @mommytoJack says:

    You’re such a sweet dad. :)

  2. Kelly says:

    I know right!? He went to such lengths to get home!

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks ladies! I’m kind of stubborn that way too. When I want something absolutely nothing stops me. That night I was almost stopped! lol but I made it!