Pocket Full of Confidence

I did a short post last year about my collection of jeans and the function each pair has. Several of my readers have asked if I might elaborate on that post and talk about how my jeans give me confidence. You might be asking yourself- “Does she really own so many pairs of jeans that each pair offers a confidence boosting function?” The answer is Yes. Yes, I do. In fact, I’ve added to my collection since the original jeans post.

For me… Jeans are a symbol of comfort. No matter what I’m doing… I know I’ll be doing it in comfort. If I’m comfortable- I’m also confident. And confidence is the key for achieving my intended goal. It doesn’t matter how lofty a goal it is… in the right pair of jeans… I’ll attain it. That’s my secret– an arsenal of multi-functional jeans.

My Fat Jeans: Come on. You have a pair too. A bit too big in the rear… but oh so comfortable. My fat jeans are my go-to pair when nothing else feels right. Notice I didn’t say when nothing else FITS right. That’s not it. I put these jeans on when nothing else FEELS right. They’re safe. They’re soft. Sure they’re kinda baggy, but with a tiny tee and my Converse- I’m golden.

The Ankle Length Jean: These jeans say- Business casual. Paired with an adorable pair of flats (an addiction all their own) I’m ready to meet and greet in cute, casual style. This is the pair you’ll find me in most.

The Capri Jean: Yeah. I know. This pair of jeans say “Mom” all over them- but I can’t help it! Capri jeans, tank tops, and flip flops make me happy! Cutest mom at the park? You betcha! Just try and top me when I throw a pair of white Keds into the mix.

The Skinny Jean: I’m talking about the cut of these jeans… not how I appear in them. I know how I appear in them– a wee bit overexposed. BUT paired with a tunic top and boots… I feel put together and if I feel put together-… I am. Just. Like. That.

My Glam Jeans: A night out on the town? I’m so there in my glam jeans. Long and lean (just another word for tight) I know I look hot in these. Add a pair of sexy heels and a sparkly top and I’m flippin’ Miss America! At least that’s how I feel.

The Dark Wash Jean: I wear these when I’m not sure of the occasion. A classic, yet chic black tee and a great necklace make these jeans go from day to night– soccer mom to party girl.

So there you have it! My secret to feeling confident in any situation. When do you feel most confident?


  1. AdrienneMay says:

    I don’t just love this post, I love your blog and its style. But I agree,a good pair of jeans can be like magic!

  2. Kelly says:

    ^ That comment filled me with sparkles and rainbows and I might vomit unicorns… Than you so much Adrienne! xoxo

  3. Jacque says:

    Your post makes me want to buy jeans! :) I love how you worded what ‘feels’ right! That is OH SO True!

  4. What’s your favorite brand?? I have to know, because (I’m going to say it) I HATE jeans.

  5. Kelly says:

    The GAP has all new cuts. My current fav is the Curvy Straight Leg. *high five*

  6. It is hard to believe I have never thought about jeans in depth like this. I have been missing out and clearly I need to do some shopping. :) I am on the hunt for my perfect brand…I go through phases with Gap where they work and then they don’t. I need to try on some Curvy Straight Leg and see how they fit! Great post girly!

  7. My dark khaki cargo shorts with the bleach stains on the cargo pockets, plain gray tagless tee, and bright colored plaid slip on shoes. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable or as good about how I look as that get up right there.

  8. Kelly says: