DIY: Organize School Papers

School papers are taking over my life! Well… not my life but certainly my desk area. Both of my girls are in school this year. Allison attends Pre-K at the same school Rachel attends 1st grade. I am bombarded with duplicate PTA notices, fundraisers, birthday invites, permission slips, and of course… worksheets.

They slowly began to take over my desk… creeping ever so quietly over my sewing table… lightly cluttering the dining room table. ENOUGH!

In order to bust this paper jam… I’ve purchased cardboard magazine holders. I let the girls color all over them for a personal touch. Their names are written on the outside spine of the box. I also designated a box for TRASH.

When the girls get home from school, they go through their school folder and pull out any important papers. These papers are then put in their respective boxes. Any other papers… such as busy work or seat work are promptly disposed of.

Things are looking brighter for us in our battle with school paper clutter. Hopefully, this idea will work for you too!

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  1. Jess says:

    That’s a really smart idea! I should do something like this for all of the blasted one sheets that come with promo records…those things take over my precious counter space.


  2. Sandy Jenney says:

    I love the personal touch kelly!
    Papers can be like a monster can’t they? They should make a movie about the huge ugly “Paper Clutterer” taking over the world! lol
    Thanks So much for linking up to my Organizing Mission Monday link party!

  3. Azlb says:

    Great idea! Love it and need it!