Allison Turns Five

On December 23rd, 2005… Allison Joy was born. I didn’t want her to have a seasonal name like Holly or even Hope. I settled for Joy as her middle name and let me tell you… she has been nothing but a Joy.

Allison has taught me strength through her rough and tumble ways. She’s had a broken arm and stitches twice! And she still loves that trampoline…

She’s taught me to have faith when all seems lost. Her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis is the most difficult thing we’ve had to deal with as a family. Her life has always been in my hands… but it becomes magnified when she’s dependent on insulin.

She’s taught me patience… believe me she’s taught me all about patience! Allison is her mother’s daughter… barefoot and smiling… standing in the warm sun… stubborn and tempestuous like a summer storm… tangled and beautiful like a wild strawberry vine.

She’s taught me about love as she crawls into my bed each morning. Snuggling in to me… I breathe in the scent of her hair. I’ll be sad when she no longer wants to use baby shampoo. Her five year old chubbiness soft and squeezable in my arms. Her little voice… “I love you mommy” as she sucks her thumb and rubs her blankie…

I’ve learned so many lessons being a mother. And although she can’t be small forever… I’ll cherish what she was and look forward to what she’ll be.

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  1. sherry says:

    from “barefoot” to “vine”: the most beautiful, touching, accurate character description I’ve ever read- I’m calling you “Strawberry” from now on.

  2. Sandy Jenney says:

    This is SO sweet!! The picture is fantastic.
    Happy Birthday to Allison Joy!
    Thanks you for linking it to my Wicked Sweet Wednesday link party..
    {big hugs!}

  3. Kelly says:

    Sherry… I love that you read my blog. I need to *squeeze* you next time I see you.

    Sandy… Thanks for hosting! What a fun blog hop!

  4. laura lee says:

    Totally wonderful and beautiful.

  5. Kelly says:

    Thank you Laura Lee!

  6. Jacque says:

    Our baby girls! They are precious, priceless, and even though I never want mine to grow up I love to see her grow and learn.