A Special Thanks

As a teenager I dreamt of being a Dad. I always knew I’d grow up to have kids. I wanted a boy and a girl and often thought about what it would be like. I know, I wasn’t the typical guy for my age. I had it all planned out. I would be married and then have kids by the time I turned 27. I figured this made the most sense since by the time my children were 21 I’d still be a young 48 years old. This was important because of course I’d be taking them out for a drink. I had to be young enough to be able to stay awake long enough to actually go to the bar.

You like my teenage mentality?


Well, now that I’m a bit older… as in 36 years old! I have a different perspective on things. Well for starters we didn’t have our first child when I was 27. In fact, I didn’t even get married until I was 29. Then it took us 4 years to have O, and Jake was as equally a miracle baby. So where’s that leave me? Well by the time O is 21 I’ll be a speed limit in most states (55). Actually, this wasn’t where I was going with all of this.

We all have plans and thoughts about where we’ll be down the road. Of course, there are definitely things we can do in most situations to affect what happens in our lives. Other times not so much. I feel really lucky with so many different aspects of my life. Just 6 months ago I started blogging about being a Dad over on www.DadStreet.com. I joined Twitter (@DadStreet), created a Facebook page, co-founded the #DadsTalking Community online, and have met so many great people.

It wouldn’t be appropriate of me to finish out this year or this post without saying how fortunate I am to have met Kelly. Kelly has such a bubbly, energetic, and positive attitude. She actually reminds me of a best friend of mine growing up. It’s not often you meet people that make the sun come out on a rainy day. You just can’t help but to notice things brighten up when you talk to her or read anything she writes online. I feel very fortunate that she’s asked me to guest post twice a month on her blog. I might not brighten up a room when I walk in like Kelly does but there is a glimmer of hope that maybe some of that sunshine will rub off on me.

I blog from a Dad’s perspective, for obvious reasons, and although I recognize Moms think differently I can also appreciate how much we need each other. Being able to participate on a mostly “Mom” site is a great feeling. We’re all in this parenting thing together and being able to share our experiences together is very important. Thank you Kelly for giving me the opportunity to do this with you and your readers!

I want to also thank anyone whose ever read one of my posts whether it’s taken you back to my site or not. I plan on spending more time here in 2011 if Kelly will have me and I look forward to not only sharing my stories with you but to hearing from you as well. Relationships are a two way street so please feel free to comment here on Kelly’s site or reach out to me anywhere else online.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Kelly says:

    My comment may turn into a post… but really… I am so blessed to have met the people I have since I’ve started my social media journey. I’m often asked if I’ve “met” these people in “real life”. And yes… I have met the majority of the people I interact with on a regular basis. And my life is made richer and fuller because of them.

    Imagine the opportunity to meet people all over the country whether in person or not… the chance to interact with people who have specialties in fields of interest to you. People who have had experiences like you. People who can lend comfort because they’ve “been there”. People who just make you laugh. I feel blessed to be a part of this… all of this… my blog, social media, a larger community. I’m so happy I have stepped out into this great unknown and created a little piece of home.

    The guys at #dadstalking have been so amazing. I’ve learned so much about what it is husbands and fathers struggle with. It’s helped me to become a better wife and mother. Adam and Josh took on my request of writing each Friday with a smile because they are my friends. They are both so immensely busy… and yet they write for me without fail each Friday. Thank you both for being not only such great friends but talented writers and wonderful family men.

    Josh… I can’t begin to tell you what an awesome friend you’ve been to me. Whether you are aware or not… you’ve indirectly connected me with resources I needed, you’ve taught me things about being unselfish, you’ve shown me priority. You’ve been a listening ear… someone to beat up when I’m angry… someone to *squee* with when I am bursting at the seams with news (he never really *squees*… just me).

    Thank you for this post. Thank you for actually wanting to continue this idea that I thought would be “so fun!” And thank you to all of my readers. Without my readers… none of this would matter.

  2. dads_journey says:

    I have throughly enjoyed reading the post on this site and your site Josh. I agree with you…Kelly is an exceptional lady and friend.
    I hope to see more from both of you in the up coming year.

  3. Kelly says:

    Oh goodness… Thanks Matt. *hugs*

  4. Josh says:

    Wow, thank you both! Totally agreed with what you said as well Kelly! Especially the part where you said I was the funniest, smartest, hottest, funniest, smartest…oh wait I already said that…Daddy Blogger you know. What? You didn’t say that? Oh well…

  5. fiona says:

    Aren’t you sweet? I think it’s been fun to see the momentum of #dadstalking-or as Kelly says “Dad Stalking”- and it will be great to see where that momentum takes you this year and how we “mamas” fit in to that. I could not agree with you more about our Kelly; Kelly is a friend for the ages. Happy New Year to all!

  6. Josh, you nailed it. Love your authentic desire to be an awesome dad… and I can’t help but agree that Kelly is 100% pure cool. :)

  7. Julie @ CLC says:

    I am so glad I clicked on your tweet Kelly! I totally agree w/the dads about Kelly! I met her last year at BloggyBootCamp in Phx & again for a minute at Mom’s Nite Out, we tweeted too… I love to hear the dad’s side of things. Recently, my husband & I had a ‘long talk’ about everything incld our marriage. This year things are going to be better & he said he was going to show that his heart was truly happy. He’s not into blogging at all but I’m thinking I will send him the links here & maybe he’ll then know he’s not alone on the way he feels. I’m looking fwd to 2011 & making this the best year yet for our family. Happy 2011. xo

  8. Kelly says:

    Julie… My husband isn’t into blogging either. He used to think it was a complete waste of time… until he saw how happy it made me. He saw me making changes that in turn made our entire family happy. And when mama is happy… everyone is happy. My best advice is to not let blogging be your secret thrill. Let it be a hobby…. something that brings you joy like painting might or scrapbooking. Don’t let it overtake your life… let it be a part of it. Thank you so much for reading. xo

  9. Julie @ CLC says:

    Hello again. Yes my hubby is all for me blogging, scrapbooking & sewing! He really is. This I’m thankful for. He doesn’t even do FB or Twitter. Once a month maybe Twitter. haha! He does read my blog, so this is good. He wants to start his own, infact bcuz he’s opening a shop for his jewelry! =) We have big plans for 2011. Now to just find the non-existent extra time we have stored somewhere. Enjoy your day! xo

  10. Jacque says:

    I really liked this post. I like to see a Dad’s perspective and I also agree 100% on your Kelly comment. I met Kelly many, many years ago in school(no, we aren’t old) :) and she has always been the same! It is refreshing! Never change Kelly!