Thursday’s Thought: Friendship

The dictionary defines “friend” as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” I like this definition. I like that we, as people, form personal bonds with one another.

A friend doesn’t have to live within 5 miles of your house. A friend doesn’t even have to live in your vicinity at all. I count hundreds of people as my friends. Some of them I’ve never even met in person. But meeting in person isn’t part of the definition of friends.

I have an affection… a personal regard for those that I call friends. I’d do anything I could to help them out. I support them. I laugh at their jokes. I cry with them. This all comes from a genuine place… a place without the need or want of reciprocation. That’s how I know they are my friend.

My girls are beginning to make real friends in school. They talk about them at the dinner table. They want to make them bookmarks and buy them candy bars from the PTA on Friday. I like that. I like that I’m showing my girls how to be a good friend.

But really… as parents… isn’t that what we want? To be able to look back on something and say… Hey… I taught them well? I know I want that.

What’s something you’ve taught your children about being a good friend?


  1. fiona says:

    I want to buy you 50 candy bars. I’d also make you the most beautiful book mark made from the finest fabric on earth…. but my sewing machine has a reusable lunchbox in mid-production stuck in it….

  2. Jess says:

    We do our best to teach Nugget that “house” is a safe and happy place filled with friends and family. He’s applied that to everything. Just this morning, when we pulled into the parking lot at his preschool, he piped up from the backseat to shout his excitement that we had arrived at “Miss Leslie’s house” and “Nugget’s friends’ house”!

  3. Jacque says:

    My daughter is in Preschool now and she talks about her ‘friends’. I love hearing her talk about them after school. Being kind is something I will always teach her even if a friend of hers is having bad day. Just be kind. :)