I Am Your Father. And Don’t You Forget It.

Being a parent is tough stuff… and some how our parents wont ever
let us forget how awful we were as kids, so I’m sure I wont let my
child forget when he gets older. I’m a dad to a wonderful son named
Marc, he’s just a few months over two years old and boy has shit hit
the fan.

The terrible twos started at 20 months old for him, when he
really started to say No. No. No. No. Even to the simple questions do
you want to eat? no. do you want to have your diaper changed? no.
These are clearly things I would want to say Yes too. Of course I
tested this theory of life out by offering known treats like do you
want a cookie? Yes. do you want to watch more Yo Gabba Gabba? Yes.

It’s been great to watch him develop right in front of my eyes. From
the days of non-verbal communication, to now him slurring out full
sentences. Ok… he fully has to repeat and still use some non-verbal
tools to get me to understand what he really is saying but he knows
what he wants to say and he thinks he’s saying it.

Which leads me to my title I am your father. And don’t you forget
it… We’re beyond the testing phase not we’re at the all out crossing
lines. You know the fighting to hold hands to cross streets, usually
he wants to do it himself or be carried no in between. There is
little I can do to hold him when he doesn’t want to be held, because
his feet hang in a good sweet spot of my lower gut.

I’ve started talking back to him and I find myself saying it – because I say so or I’m your father and all the other great dadisms out there. He reacts well depending on his mood or depending on which way the wind blows or if the groundhog saw its shadow.

It’s a fun ride parenthood – I’m sure the stories I’ll tell my kid
will make him the next year plus just like my parents have been
telling me what a hell raiser I was at his age.

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  1. fiona says:

    Three was always the hardest age with all of mine…. 2 was a piece of cake compared. At three they are able to communicate with words but often become frustrated and thrown to fits – it’s all a blur!

  2. Jess says:

    Nugget is closing in on the big three and it’s such a parental culture shock to see your sweet little, non-verbal baby transform into this opinionated monster of a child at times. Most of the time, it is endearing and swoon-worthy. The other time? Well, the other time, you catch yourself saying, “Oh my gosh! I’m my mother/father!”

    Great post Adam! Love to see you around these parts every week. :)

  3. Mandy says:

    I’m pretty sure the terrible twos started for us at 13 months. :/

    Also, Ronan is still non-verbal. He knows signs, and will *gasp* lie with them. “Are you ready for bed, buddy?”… he will sign hurt, and then hungry, and then all done.

    I can’t wait for verbal skills, despite being warned all I want will be for him to be quiet!

    1. Kelly says:

      Thanks so much for reading Mandy and Jess! You can read a new dad post every Friday! I think we can all relate to the sort of baby sign language our children use or used at one time. I’ll never forget when my little one would walk around holding her butt when she had a poopy diaper… haha!