Halloween Mood: Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

I’m in a Halloween mood… we don’t usually carve our pumpkins. I’m bad with knives. Instead… I have cute little pumpkins sitting around the house. But today, I was feeling moody… a good moody. I wanted to have a snack that felt like Halloween. I looked at one of those cute little pumpkins and decided we should carve it up and toast all the seeds. And that’s just what we did!

Supplies Used:

Sharp knife
Round pumpkin
Big spoon
Baking sheet
Olive oil
Tea light candle


Preheat your over to 350*.

Carve out a hole in the top of your pumpkin that’s big enough to fit your hand inside.

Once you remove the lid… dig in! We like to use our hands, at first, to bring out all the goop and seeds. Then I use a big spoon to scrape the inside walls of the pumpkin.

Separate the seeds from the goop and spread them evenly over a lightly buttered baking sheet.

Drizzly lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Bake at 350 for 10-15 mins. The seeds should be crunchy and delicious!

While your seeds are toasting… carve a face in your pumpkin and light a small tea light inside!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!