DIY: Stealing Jess’ Ideas…The Table

Ok… so it’s not really stealing when I ask her to post it so I can steal it… right?

My friend Jess @Shuggilippo is always making something new out of something old. Instead of “Decor” I should call this section “Jess’ Ideas”.

Her most recent furniture rebirth is actually on it’s 3rd life. She started with an old 2 drawer table. It was pretty old and shabby looking. It was reminiscent of the 70s.

Jess thought something amazing could be made from this old table… so she painted it the most hideous delightful shade of yellow. The transformed table also got some new hardware.

The yellow table hung around for a while… but today as I was talking to her on Skype… I found out that the table has been reborn once again!

That’s my favorite look of all… Way to go Jess!

To read more about the rebirth of this table or to check out Jess’ blog… go here.