Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s New Sign Goes Up

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a special place in my heart. I spent a week there with my daughter, Allison, when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. The staff is amazing. Each member knowledgeable about his or her field. The training I received as a parent was more valuable than I could express.

I’m excited for PCH as they continue on their expansion journey. I feel almost as if I’m a member of a growing family. This morning I got an email from a friend sharing with me that the new “hand” sign was up. I felt the need to share it with you… my friends and my community of readers.

Congratulations to Phoenix Children’s Hospital on their amazing expansion program and their vision to become one of the best pediatric hospitals in the nation.

This was not a sponsored post. I just felt like writing about a cause near to my heart. xo