Crafty Snack: Ants on a Log

Yeah… I know that this isn’t really that crafty or amazing… but really… when is the last time you thought about making ants on a log for your kids? I thought about it the other day as I dipped my celery stalk directly into the peanut butter jar.

My kids love peanut butter! The best way for me to get them to eat vegetables that they normally wouldn’t is to mask it in something like peanut butter. They still don’t really care for raisins… but it’s only a few right? And it only takes a few sweet raisins to gain some nutritional value of some sort!

So… in case you have no clue what I’ve been rambling about and have no idea how to make ants on a log… Here is the recipe!

Celery sticks

Peanut butter


Simply spread the peanut butter along the length of your celery stick (log). Add some raisins (ants) and serve!