The Ultimate Networking Tool

It’s that time of  year again… BlogHer. There are a zillion reasons why people go to BlogHer… parties, free stuff, friends, free stuff, learning, free stuff… There’s alot of free stuff. But the main reason I go to BlogHer is to network.

Networking is key to moving yourself forward in any field. In the field of blogging… competition is stiff. If I’m going to come out on top… I need to make an impression on someone. The only way I’m going to make an impression on someone is to go out there and meet them.

Here’s my best example:

It was BlogHer ’09. I was attending the BowlHer event, sponsored by Collective Bias. I kept hearing about Collective Bias and it’s amazing CEO John Andrews. The big buzz going around was the fact that John used to be with Wal Mart and involved with the Wal Mart 11 Moms.

“Wow!” I remember thinking. “I totally need to meet this guy… he needs to hear my ideas! I have TONS of ideas!”

But… that’s not how it totally went down. You see… I was walking in front of all the bowling lanes and this guy is standing there. I think… “oops… I totally walked in front of his lane.”

“Hi. I’m John Andrews.” he says.

“Oh! Hi! I’m Kelly Loubet! (Insert loads of unintelligable rambling here.)”

So… John goes on to tell me how he’s trying to personally meet the bloggers, get them involved in Collective Bias, and share ideas with one another. He asks for my card and OH EM GEE… I don’t have any with me!

What was I to do? I grabbed my handy swag bag and pulled out some Hanes socks. I tore the wrapper off and wrote my info on the back.

You did what?!?

Yeah… I did that. And guess what? I’m instantly memorable. I get an invite a couple days later to join Collective Bias and the rest is history. I’ve been doing work with them for over a year now. I’ve made some amazing friends and worked with some very talented people. (Love you Amy and Brooke!)

And that picture? Up above? That’s the actual sock wrapper. John found it while cleaning out some things a while back and thought I’d get a kick out of it.

So what is The Ultimate Networking Tool?


Be yourself. Know your goals. Have ideas. Offer solutions. Know more about your passion than anyone else in your field. And above all… be genuine.

See you in New York!




  1. Yoly says:

    Great post! I’m really looking forward to meet you. This story is great and helps to keep this trip in perspective.

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  3. This is hilarious Kelly!!! You are the best!

  4. AmyfromMARS says:

    We are lucky to know you Kelly,I love all of your fabulous ideas and working with you has been such a pleasure! Also, thank you for being a good friend!

  5. You mean, I don’t need a poken?! ;)