The Googly Band Craze

I don’t write many posts like this, but when something crosses my radar that I know my kids will love… I jump at the opportunity. I’ve got two words for you. Googly Bands.

If you have school age children, then you have to have heard about them. Googly Bands are one of the hottest trends since Beanie Babies… but they are inexpensive and fun to trade! When I was in school… we had slap bracelets. Remember those? I had to have them. And today… kids have to have Googly Bands. I’ve seen some crazy YouTube posts and Tweets discussing “rare styles”, sold out dilemmas, and collections in the hundreds. The obsession in my house is on a much smaller scale.

Rachel is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. Moms… they start the trading craze in Kindergarten! She’s told me about little Jayda’s Googly Bands and how she traded the blue star for Mason’s red sea horse. Oh… how she wanted some Googly Bands too!

My problem is… Googly Bands sell out almost as soon as they are stocked! They are however, carried by most major retailers like… Walmart and Walgreens. I’ve been told that their production never stops. They are forever creating and shipping out new styles.

Right now… Googly Bands is hosting its first ever design contest! The winner will receive a $50 gift card and a chance to design the new Googly Bands style!

Rachel went to school today proudly wearing the new Googly Bands I scored for her. It’s the last day of school. I know she’ll be making memories and trading the latest trend with her friends.

*I was given two packages of Googly Bands for my assistance in spreading the word about Googly Bands. The views and events expressed in the post above are my own true experiences.


  1. Carissa says:

    Awww I cannot wait for my kids to be in the trading craze! They are too young yet but before I know it they will be just like Rachel!

  2. Knit Purl Gurl says:


  3. ScrappinMichele says:

    Googly Bands? We call them Silly Bandz here. I ordered them online. I give them out as rewards to my kids. Best thing ever. Since the idea seems to be to wear as many as you can possibly fit on your arm, the more the better.

  4. DawnV (BlueDelivered) says:

    Ohhhh I remember slap band bracelets! FUN!! I hadn't heard the term Googly Bands either as we call them Silly Bandz here in FL. I hope your daughter loved her gift and made some good trades on the last day of school :)

  5. Ms. Sarah says:

    oh yes we have those too.

  6. Childhood says:

    Googly Bands is a brand name and I'm happy to help them spread the word! Love the comments ladies! xo