National Mom’s Nite Out 2010

Tonight is the night! It’s National Mom’s Nite Out! Last year we had a very small event in Phoenix… this year we doubled our numbers and managed to line up some AMAZING sponsors! (I know… I’m using a lot of exclamation points!)

Let me take this time to thank our sponsors and ask all of my readers, viewers, and attendees to give some shout out love to them too!

First of all… Thank you to The Capital Grille in Scottsdale for hosting this year’s event. Linda, the Sales and Marketing Manager, has been so gracious. If you blog and are in support of our event… please take a moment to give props to The Capital Grille Scottsdale! (props to @KariewithaK for helping set this up)

Thank you Little Debbie @littledebbie for the delicious snack cakes!

Thanks to Dove @Dove_Chocolate for the bags of yummy chocolate!

Big shout out to Hasbro… Lovin’ the My Little Ponies!

I would be leaving out a HUGE supporter if I didn’t mention Dr. Gary Brigham and Sierra Orthodontics in Scottsdale. Also much love to Nina… love your guts! If any of you are thinking about Invisalign… mention my blog at Sierra Ortho and get a nice deal courtesy of me!

My family’s dinner was provided by Pizza Hut. Thanks for feeding them!

Boutique Karma crafted our Moms a special handmade gift! @boutiquekarma

Thanks so much to Erin @LotsToSayBaby for sending her product in for the swag bags!

I’m giving away 2 huge gift baskets from Eden Fantasys! Thanks so much @edenfantasys!

I’m also giving away 2 undershirts from Blush Accessories! Thanks to @blushundershirt!

Don’t forget to thank @boogiemom for the boogie wipe samples and @cre8ivwriter for 20% off the book Mother Daze!

And Thanks MomTv for the amazing Logitech Cam to give away!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone… don’t hate! I will recap all of this after the event!