Dentist Office, Pizza, and Headaches… Oh My!

Today has been one of those days… It started off sane enough. I had to take my 5yr old, Rachel, to the dentist. She had 3 cavities… THREE! When I first heard that… I felt like a terrible parent. But then I reassured myself that it was a good thing I had faith in her oral hygiene abilities. I was giving her responsibility. (whatever helps me sleep at night… right?) So… I packed up The Family Coach Method by Dr. Lynne Kenney and we headed off to have those puppies filled.

I read, I tweeted, I tweeted while reading… and before I knew it… we were headed home. Things were good. I had a loopy, yet quiet child in the back seat and another at home waiting for us. Once we got home… I realized that if I can’t find an affordable summer camp option… I might run away.

Don’t get me wrong… my girls are really good. I rarely have issues with them. They play well together, they make their own snacks, they tell me knock knock jokes of their own creation… but every now and then… they turn into these… things.

It starts as a low rumble and slowly builds. The rumble of giggles turn to squeals (I accept blame for that). Squeals turn to screams and screeches. Screams and screeches are accompanied by running through the house… falling… fighting… crashing into one another…

Meanwhile… I intervene every 5 minutes. I feel so inept on these sort of days. I feel that my every effort is futile. I even SCREAMED…. why are you screaming?

Ironic huh?

So… it was one of those days. I ate 3 Ibuprofen before I wrote this post and the left side of my temple is still throbbing in rebellion. It’s strangely quiet now though. It must be the savory smell of pizza in the oven. Or maybe it was the threat of sewing the seat of their pants to the couch if I can’t get a few quiet moments to myself…

Don’t test me.

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  1. A Daily Pinch says:

    My mom used to threaten me and my sister with boxing gloves. She said she was going to give one to each of us, tie one arm behind our back and put us in the back yard to settle our score with each other.

    As far as the cavities? Kids have to learn personal responsibility. Some kids just require a little more brush work due to the nature of their teeth. Me? If I don't brush 3-4 times per day, I have a cavity. My sister could go weeks on end not brushing and never have one.

    Here's to ibuprofen!

  2. Banteringblonde says:

    Henry has had 2 … i recall the feeling of shame and then I told him the tooth fairy gave less money for rotten teeth.

  3. Childhood says:

    Love the boxing glove story! xo

    And Fi… I might steal that line…

  4. Keep It Classy, Jen says:

    I love reading these posts because then I don't feel so crazy!

  5. Shuggilippo says:

    We totally need to have coffee or stiff drinks on Saturday. My week has been…BANANAS!!

  6. ScrappinMichele says:

    Oh boy can I relate! And at least you took your kids to the dentist. Mine haven't been in the last year and I feel horrible, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time. We have doc appts every week, yet I am so behind in so many doc appts. ARGH!!

  7. Crystal says:

    funny, totally how I felt today with my kids!
    I'm your newest follower. I've booked marked you so that I can spend some more time on your blog. Looks great so far. Hope you can zip over to and follow me back! Have a great Father's Day weekend