Sew Krazy: Knock Off a Designer Tee!

This week on Sew Krazy… Thursday, 8pm EST… I’m going to teach you how to knock off a designer tee shirt! A certain designer brand that I happen to love… is selling these tee shirts for $39.50. You can make one yourself for a few bucks if you’re thrifty!


2 same color tee shirts OR 1 long sleeve tee shirt. (the “tissue” type tees work best)

Needle and thread

Sewing machine

That’s it! See you Thursday!


  1. Banteringblonde says:

    Awesome! I'll watch you and then I'll pay you to make me one …. lol

  2. Keep It Classy, Jen says:

    Uhh this looks AWESOME!

  3. Real Life Sarah says:

    Ooh, love that shirt!! I'll b at dance class, but hope to catch the replay!