Hot Locks: In Home Review Party

This past week, my girls and their friends got the opportunity from Mom Select and Hot Locks to try out a new toy at a party in our home! At first I was intimidated by the thought of 10 little girls running all over my home… but it turned out to be a really good time!

The Hot Locks dolls are all dressed if fashion forward styles, however I didn’t find any of them to inappropriate as you sometimes do with dolls these days. They have brightly colored, abnormally long, silky hair. (Except for one named Nahla… she had a fun sort of afro that was great for using up all the clippies in!)

As far as the play went… the girls all loved that the dolls came with their own brushes and clips. They also loved the hair extension clips as well. Some of the girls began clipping hair extensions into their own hair! It was adorable.

Some of the pitfalls we ran into… The salon playset was a hit… however… the chair was sort of tiny and unstable, so the dolls would fall out. The braid machine was difficult for the age group I was working with (4 and 5’s). I even had a token 8 year old who quickly became frustrated. One of the moms took some time to sit down and test it out. She had a great time with it and the girls loved the results… but I recommend you try the braid machine with older girls.

All in all we had an amazing time. The dolls were a hit and everyone went home happy! The girls voted their favorite doll to be Lilly. She had a frog hot on her head!

Thank you Mom Select and Hot Locks for allowing us to be a part of your test run!

Disclaimer: I was not paid by Mom Select or Hot Locks for my opinion. This review was based on my own experiences. I was given product to use for this review… but it in no way swayed my views.


  1. lauraleewebb says:

    The girls had a good time. They told me all about it on sunday.

  2. lauraleewebb says:

    Okay I didn't watch the video before I posted before…lol This is so cute and I am pretty sure my 21 and 22 year old daughters would like these dolls. I felt like I was watching future fashionistas or hair dressers.