Hershey’s #BetterBasket

It’s Easter and I was able to participate in an amazing campaign with Hershey’s called #BetterBasket! Twenty bloggers, including me, we asked to head to our local Wal-Mart and check out some of the limited edition holiday candies by Hershey. Some of these candies are exclusive to Wal-Mart!

We purchased baskets, toys, and plenty of Hershey’s candy to fill our baskets! Each blogger was then asked to donate the baskets to his or her community. We created 3 baskets and will be giving them to a local family that could use an Easter blessing.

Here is our Whrrl Story if you’re interested!

I will be posting a special #betterbasket post today that will explain how YOU can get involved and raise money for The Children’s Miracle Network!


The Fine Print: Although I was not paid to write this post… Hershey compensated my shopping trip for Easter Basket supplies.


  1. Courtney V says:

    Can I just say…DARLING!!!! You chose some great things to put in your baskets and some yummy Hershey's treats! See ya at the Blog Hop!