80′s Rewind: Rainbow Brite

I grew up with Rainbow Brite. I watched the cartoon. I had the doll… tangled, dirty, what used to be blond hair. I even dressed like her on occasion. Then… she was gone.

Well… Now she’s back! Rainbow Brite has been refreshed and renewed for my girls to enjoy! I couldn’t have been more thrilled to receive 10 Rainbow Brite interactive CD Roms to share with my friends! Wait til you get a load of her new look!

Although I do miss the pudgy little Rainbow Brite of the 80’s … the new Rainbow Brite is more streamlined, hip, and seems to appeal to today’s little girls. My girls think she’s just the cutest thing since Dora! And that’s saying a lot coming from them…

Not only is the interactive CD Rom fun and full of activities… but there’s also an official website with even more exciting things to do! Hallmark is sponsoring this amazing site with loads of entertainment for your child. Check out the games and activities or watch an episode of the animated Rainbow Brite!

I gave the CD Roms to mommy friends of mine and got some of their reactions:

“Our favorite game was Rainbow Rescue! Amy just loved the memory matching!” -Jenna

“We enjoyed the Rainbow Brite picture maker. It allows you to personalize print outs of your favorite characters!” – Pamela

“Oh the colors! Even my grubby little boy was enthralled!” – Terri

So there you have it! I have 4 CD Roms left. I’d like to send them to you! So… the first 4 people to comment… win! Yay!

And have no fear… if you don’t respond in time… check out the Hallmark website for more free fun!

*Note: This review was based on the opinions of me and of my friends. I have in no way been swayed in any direction other than the direction of how adorable Rainbow Brite is. Thank you to Hallmark and Mom Select for this opportunity.


  1. ky2here says:

    Oh well – that's okay as well!

  2. Childhood says:

    Ok its 5… but I can manage to scrape up one more… cuz I'm cool like that.

  3. Childhood says:

    Ok! I need contact info for Marcia G and mmc67! I got the rest of you covered! xoxo

  4. Mandy says:

    Thanks goodness she still has a side ponytail! :)

  5. Badger Mom says:

    Thanks, Kelly! The Twitter thing was a lot of fun. :)

  6. Jen @ After The Alter says:

    how great is that! I LOVED rainbow bright! I'm so happy they brought her back. When I was little my dad used to have me looking out the plane window to watch for rainbow brite riding starlight on the rainbow…awww cute!