Sew Krazy: Let’s Make Sock Monkeys!

Thursday, Feb. 25th, at 8pm EST on Sew Krazy… We’re making sock monkeys! I am so excited for this project! I’m doing it by request from a dedicated viewer. If you have a show idea or would like to be a guest… drop me a line! (

Special thanks to Rebecca at hoffeeandanuffin on Etsy. She lent me some expert advice!

ALSO: Not so crafty? Check out Stacey Jean… She’s given you 20% off sock monkey kits! The kits require no machine, just stuff and assemble! Code: MOMTV

Tutorial Link: (Thank You to The Web Goddess) *Note: I would not sew up the stuffing hole until the end.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Needle and thread
Sewing machine
A pair of clean… FUN… socks
Two buttons
A bit of yarn
Polyfill fiber
Straight edge
Decorative ribbon

See you there!