Eden Fantasys… More Than Just Naughty Toys

Sex and the sponsor… there’s been a slightly taboo buzz in the mommy blogging world. Before you cast stones and pass judgement… I’ve not been sponsored by Eden Fantasys. That’s not to say I wouldn’t like to be. I have written for them. I have tried their products and I am here to tell you that Eden Fantasys is more than just naughty toys.

First of all… there is SexIs. It’s both a print magazine and online magazine that features content on health, shopping, society, and yes… sex. There are steamy stories for those boring days at the office too. At the office?! Yes… There’s even a column written by the beloved Bloggess.

Then there’s the blog, Eden Cafe. Stop in and stay a while! There are plenty of informative and humorous posts. Take a fun poll. Give your personal opinion on a variety of topics. Eden Cafe is one of the most interactive blogs I’ve ever read. And fun to boot!

There are even forums at Eden Fantasys. With more topics then I could ever list… you’re bound to find something to give your two cents on! I find that forums are especially helpful when you have a question. Not just any question… but a question that’s too embarrassing for you to just blurt out. I promise you… you’ll find the answer on the forums.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I just finished a fun… yet informative article on MomActive about the health benefits of sex. I wrote this article in conjunction with a review courtesy of Eden Fantasys. Check it out! Enjoy! Blush! It’s ok!

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*much love*