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Tonight on Sew Krazy

Join us tonight at 8pm EST on Mom TV for another fun filled edition of Sew Krazy! Tonight I’ll be showing you how to make a ruffled cupcake shirt. We’ll be using some of the techniques I’ve taught you on some of my previous shows.

I’ll also be discussing places to find simple and free tutorials! I planned on having one of my favorite designers on my show tonight… but I’m postponing that for a later show. I will however be sharing her blog with you because it is one of my very favorite design blogs! Plus… as an added bonus… there is sure to be plenty of “Bon Sewing”! (singing Bon Jovi while sewing)

My hope is, that after watching my show over the last several months, that you are starting to learn new things and apply them to your crafting. Sew Krazy is a show for non-sewers, new sewers, crafters and people who just like to have fun!

Supply List:

  • A blank tee shirt
  • A small amout of Jersey cotton (scraps will work)
  • A coordinating fabric for the cupcake base
  • Optional stabilizer or interfacing
  • A sewing machine

See you tonight! xo

Non Resolutions for 2010

Resolutions… I don’t really like the idea of them. It seems that when I make resolutions and I don’t end up keeping them… I feel like I’ve failed. So instead of making resolutions this year… I’m making non-resolutions. Let me explain…

In 2010, I resolve to continue my daily workouts but forgive myself when I lay on the couch for an all day Grey’s Anatomy Marathon. I will continue to eat healthy and stick to my plan… yet I know I’ll blow it Thursday on girl’s night out with plenty of coffee, french fries, and pie. I resolve to buy those adorable shoes I didn’t need and probably will never wear. They will go fantastic with the collection of dresses that still have the tags on them.

In 2010, I resolve to be the best friend I can be… even when those jeans do make your butt look fat or your kids drive me insane. I won’t tell you unless you ask. I will listen to all of your long winded problems and offer the best advice I can… just don’t get mad if I say “Can you repeat that? I wasn’t listening.” I will help you stick to your diet… except on Thursday girl’s night out. (See paragraph two above)

I will continue to love my children far more than any other people on this earth. I will keep them clothed… except when they run around in their undies. I will keep them fed with healthy food… except when I make taquitos for dinner. I will keep them safe… except when I let them jump from couch to couch in the living room.

You see… This year has been a year of discovery for me. I’ve discovered the mystery of me and found out that I’m pretty awesome just the way I am… despite all of my short comings. I believe that it’s the mistakes we make that make us who we are. Once we can embrace our mistakes… we can truly learn to love ourselves.

Happy New Year Friends.