Invisalign Smile Journey: Aligner Tray 11

Today I’m going to see Dr. Gary Brigham at Sierra Orthodontic Services in Scottsdale for aligner trays 11 of 25. I am so excited! The difference is so amazing! I’m going to post a terrible before picture of me and one that I took just now.

Before After

If you’ve been thinking of getting Invisalign… Do it! This transformation has been life changing for me. I’ve never been afraid to smile. I have always laughed alot. But knowing that my teeth are straighter now has given me a huge boost in confidence! I feel more professional and more approachable. I feel prettier and healthier.

If you live in the Phoenix or Scottsdale area and would like a cosult with Dr. Brigham, let me know. Knowing me has it’s perks! Dr. Brigham is one of Invisalign’s top 1% Premier Orthodontists. He’s amazing and really knows his stuff.

Thank you so much Dr. Brigham and Sierra Ortho! See you later today!



  1. Janet Ellis says:

    This is such great news. Congratulations! I have just started the process and haven’t even gotten my first tray yet. It is good to see that you are having a great experience, and to see the psychological impact as well.