Hair Mutilation… Mullet Style

I took a nap with Allison today. It’s something I often do. Sometimes she wakes up before me and will play in the playroom or watch tv… but not today. Today she decided to cut her own hair. Not only did she cut her own hair… she put the hair in the trash can and put the scissors right back in my sewing basket. It’s not as if I wasn’t going to notice that my adorable baby now had a mullet and a huge chunk missing from her bangs!

So we took an emergency trip to our neighborhood haircut establishment. I felt so bad for Alli… everyone was giggling and saying how cute it was… she was clearly embarrassed. However… I felt satisfied that she would never be cutting her own hair again. She’s now the proud owner of a pixie cut!

She still doesn’t look very happy… but by the end of the day… a lesson was learned and a cute little pixie fell asleep happy. xo

*Side note: I was reading thru my blog subscriptions and came across this post from yesterday on Sevi Designs… my very favorite design blog. Apparently her daughter got a little scissor happy yesterday too! I’m not alone! LOL!