Happy Birthday Allison!

Allison Joy was born 4 years ago today… December 23rd, 2005. Wide eyes full of wonder and a head full of hair… She was and still is just beautiful. Always a curious child… full of life… full of energy… full of questions.

Her vocabulary has always been ahead of the rest. Her questions always requiring a precise answer. Perhaps that made it easier when we had to explain to her about her Diabetes. Allison was just diagnosed the weekend before Thanksgiving this year. And already she knows about her pancreas and how insulin is made and what insulin is used for. She knows and can tell you that when she eats food… mommy needs to give her insulin to help make the food into energy so she feels happy and healthy.

I’m not saying it’s been an easy transition but if she were any other child… If she wasn’t who she is… I know it would be much harder.

But she’s not. She’s Allison Joy and she’s been taking on the world since the day she was born… four years ago today.