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This Saturday on Sew Krazy…

The talented Carissa, from Mom Tv’s Multiple Moments, will be teaching you how to make a cuddly baby blankie! This will make a great gift… so don’t miss out! Join her live at Saturday at 11am est on Mom Tv!

Here’s what you need…

a 9×9 square of flannel or fleece
a coordinating 9×9 square of cotton material
one yard of ribbon
sewing machine

I’d love to see some of your projects! Feel free to send me pictures at:

This Saturday on Sew Krazy…

Join us every Saturday at 11am EST for Sew Krazy on MomTV!

This week, we’ll be making fleece ponchos! This sew easy pattern will be a fun project for those upcoming Winter days! The project is suitable for both a boy and a girl.

What you need:

A sewing machine
1 yard of fleece fabric
A decorative patch (no larger than 1 in.)

You never know what might happen on this LIVE show… so tune in! Replays of previous shows and projects are also available. Just click “menu” and then “view movies” for a list of previous episodes!

You Can Sew a Simple Skirt

Today on Sew Krazy… I taught my viewers how to make an apron skirt! You can watch the replay of it here:

Catch me every Saturday at 11am EST on MomTV!

The skirt I made today doesn’t require a pattern. Just some simple measuring. The instructions are similar to the ones I’m going to post for you. The difference is… I sew on a separate waistband in order to attach my apron.

The instructions I’m posting here, are for a simple single seam A-line skirt. It’s a fantastic beginner’s project! Enjoy!

Instructions free from Oliver + S

How Do You Pink?

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I’m thrilled to tell you about a fun blog carnival called “How Do You Pink?” I’m sharing my Pink post on Fridays with Cheryl Budge of The Budge Bunch.

I participate in an ongoing Skype chat with an amazing group of women. The conversation turned to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what we could do to bring awareness on our blogs. Many ideas were tossed around and it eventually settled on the cute tag line: How Do You Pink?

This is how I pink:

I Pink by planning… a couple of years ago… I found a lump in my breast. It was very scary… I was 28 and my doctor was calling for an ultrasound, a mamogram, and an MRI. In the end it turns out that it was some sort of fiberous mass that I would have checked out again the next year.

So far nothing of any danger has materialized from this lump… but now I plan. I do a monthly breast exam in my home and each year when I visit my gynocologist, we also spend extra time checking my breasts.

Take a cue from my pink calendar and start doing some pink planning of your own!


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Total Gym Blogger’s Challenge

Yes… I know that for some reason my video freezes… but it’s a good one about my arms… and how they are getting toned. YAY! For more info on my Total Gym journey… checkout my blog on