A New Chapter… School

I took this video at the crack of dawn on Rachel’s first day of school… I’m probably the only one who will enjoy this… but I love how sleepy we are and how she says… I love you mommy.

Reflecting on five… My oldest daughter started Kindergarten Monday…

I think I did most of my crying leading up to the day. Sunday I was a mess… By the time Monday came around… I felt ready.

What caused this sudden change? Rachel was ready. Not one tear or clingy apprehension… My quiet, shy girl walked onto that playground as if she’d been there before. She set her backpack on the wall near the classroom door and started to play.

I watched her through the lens of the video camera… watching her explore in her own special way. When it was time to line up… I watched her do that too. Such a big girl… picking up her things and falling into line as if it was second nature.

I watched her walk into the classroom and sit on the big carpet on the floor… I couldn’t help but grab one last kiss.

Not yet five (Aug. 25th)… but already ready…

Me too Rachie… just don’t let go too quickly… I love you.