Tupperware: Helping to Empower Women and Girls

While updating my Twitter this morning… I noticed this Tweet from @JessicaGottlieb “New post: Giveaway: Tupperware Gives to You Too”. I immediately Re-Tweeted it because I support most of the things that Jessica does. Then, I clicked the link and read the story.

Did you know that Tupperware was working with Brooke Shields to form Chain of Confidence? What is Chain of Confidence? Well… According to the Tupperware web site:

“Women connecting with one another creates an extraordinary source of strength, enabling them to feel confident in themselves, secure in their ability to succeed, empowered to make their voices heard and motivated to continually strive for greater achievements.”

The proceeds from Chain of Confidence, go to fund community organizations around the world who are helping to empower young women and girls.

At the end of Jessica’s post, she added a giveaway from Tupperware. I’m not talking about a few plastic containers here… I’m talking about a salad spinner, a Quick Chef chopper, a cork screw, a variety of containers and more!

To enter… Click HERE.




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