Product Review: Little Miss Matched Socks

A couple of weeks ago, I received a package of women’s Sporty Socks in the mail from Little Miss Matched to review. If you aren’t familiar with Little Miss Matched, the socks don’t come in pairs… they come in threes. This is what makes them so unique.

The Sporty Socks I was trying out, were blue and yellow. This was especially nostalgic to me because I was a major athlete in high school and our team colors were blue and yellow.. Go Eagles! I had my choice of stripes, dots, and stars to wear around. I went with dots and stripes.

Slipping these socks on made me feel happy and fun. Is “fun” an adjective to describe a person? Well… let me tell you… with these socks on… I was fun. My little girls, ages 3 and 4 were so envious of my socks, that I had to go find socks in their drawers that didn’t match, so they could be like mommy! (Don’t worry… our order is on it’s way for their own Little Miss Matched socks)

Soft and supportive, I wore them all day long and then to bed. Even our UPS man was impressed. “Nice socks”, he said. That’s code for… “I wish my wife was fun like you and wore such exciting socks to answer the door!”

If you haven’t seen the website, check it out! It’s not just socks! Little Miss Matched does indeed have socks for men, women, boys, girls and baby… but they also have flip flops for this summer! They have camisoles and undies and even furniture!

Since you read this post… you can now go HERE and get a code at check out for “Buy one, Get one Free!”

Follow @littlemissmatch on Twitter for great contests and prizes too!


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