I whole-heartedly agree…

I’m not sure about you… but when I bring up friends I’ve met online in a conversation offline… I get some strange looks.

This morning I was visiting http://www.jenhinton.com/ … better known to most as @keepitclassyjen. She had a vlog post about how a simple “hello” turned into a growing circle of friends. Not only that… but these friends are not just e-friends, but real life friends. I couldn’t agree with her more.

The friends I’ve made so far in my short time blogging and tweeting, have been such a support to me. In the past 3 months, I’ve closed my boutique, my husband lost his job, I’ve had marriage problems, and the list could go on… but the few close friends I’ve met have helped me through it.

My first business, mom, and friend contact was Leah Segedie of www.bookieboo.com . I joined Bookieboo because I was getting back into my sports and fitness. Then I decided to advertise with her. She started buying from my boutique. I started writing and contributing. She started asking me to moderate the site and parties with her. Then all of a sudden… I had a new friend. She has been not only a listening ear, but she’s full of ideas, she’s an unbiased opinion, and she’s generous too.

Since then… I’ve met so many wonderful, generous, helpful people… Maria Bailey @momtalkradio, Lynne Kenney @thefamilycoach, Ilana @lanaclevermomme… I’ve come to love these great tweets who make fun converstions @banteringblonde, @keepitclassyjen, @sugarjones, @ginalaguardia… People who respond to my blog posts @bluefroggie @mommymomo I could go on and on… please don’t feel left out if you read this and I didn’t include you.

Just know… I appreciate each and every one of you…