Housekeeping Blues

Blah! It’s Friday… the day I clean the house. I have a love/hate relationship with Friday. Here are some reasons I love Friday:

  • It’s the end of a long week and the beginning of a fantastic weekend
  • It starts with “F” and so does the word “Fun”
  • Friday night is movie night
  • Friday night is also usually pizza night… hehe

Reasons I hate Friday:

  • It’s cleaning day…

That’s all. I hate Friday because it’s cleaning day and I hate cleaning day. I hate cleaning in general. I wish that my family (including me) could put things back where they belong. I wish that we could all find the laundry basket. I wish that once the laundry was done… that the clean clothes could make their way into the closets and drawers. Instead they often remain in the laundry room, being picked through until next Friday.

The kitchen sink will often have dishes that secretly arrived from bedrooms or office. The dishwasher will often still be full of clean dishes from the previous Friday. Walk through the bathrooms and find the sickeningly sweet smell of Tidy Bowl soaking in… waiting to be swished. And finally… the vacuuming… I’ve decided I need an industrial vac to clean up after this bunch. (ask me about Wednesday’s popcorn wonderland)

So, dear Friday… I hate you… but once I finish scraping those fruit snacks off the linoleum… I will love you once more.