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Phoenix/Scottsdale National Mom’s Nite Out!

Childhood would like to announce a National Mom’s Nite Out get together for Phoenix and Scottsdale! Thursday night, May 7th at 730pm!
Join us for food, fun and new friendships at Remedy, a pilates and massage studio in Scottsdale! Remedy is located at 6949 E Shea Blvd. Suite 50 Scottsdale, AZ 85254.
Prizes include:
  • $100 gift certificate to Wyndham Resort Spa
  • Clever Certificate
  • Z Pizza Certificate
  • Special Gifts from Precious Moments
  • BIG bottles of Jose Cuervo Gold (Offical Sponsor of NMNO)
  • A Full Avon Makeup Bag
  • Free Swag Bags for al who RSVPd
  • And MORE!

Maria Bailey, internationally known Mom mom expert and host of Mom Talk Radio, Founder of, Co-Founder of and Founder of Mom Select, has had a huge hand in helping to make this night happen. Maria created the first ever MNO! Maria will be sending us her new book, “The Ultimate Mom”. Thanks Maria!

. Space and class mats are limited. Gift bags will be for those on the guest list… leave a comment on this post with your name and email addy in order to make the cut!

See you there!

NOTE: If you are having trouble leaving your RSVP comment… PLEASE email me… that way I can add you to the list… No RSVP… No Goodie Bag for you!

Tweet @childhood and @lanaclevermomme for more details!

Childhood Product Alert!

Bottle Pets are here! Bottle Pets are plush bottle “cozies”… for lack of a better word. They’re not only adorable, but machine washable. Use them to prop, play, or just look cute! You can get them here!

Email me at and tell me how many, what style and where to ship. I’ll be loading them into our shopping feature soon for self service, but until then… I want you to be able to find them!

Monkey, Cow, Pig, Octopus, Frog, Turtle, Leopard, Lion $22 *Free Shipping for a limited time!

Welcome to Our New Site!

I’m so excited to introduce you to the amazing graphic design work of Alexandra Stephenson of Design for Baby (! Finally, the Childhood blog and shopping site are rolled into one fabulous place! Thanks so much Alexandra!

Browse our new Spring/Summer designs by clicking the “Shop” button or find out about new promotions by clicking the “Promo” button.

I hope you all enjoy the new and improved site as much as I do!

Welcome to Childhood!


Housekeeping Blues

Blah! It’s Friday… the day I clean the house. I have a love/hate relationship with Friday. Here are some reasons I love Friday:

  • It’s the end of a long week and the beginning of a fantastic weekend
  • It starts with “F” and so does the word “Fun”
  • Friday night is movie night
  • Friday night is also usually pizza night… hehe

Reasons I hate Friday:

  • It’s cleaning day…

That’s all. I hate Friday because it’s cleaning day and I hate cleaning day. I hate cleaning in general. I wish that my family (including me) could put things back where they belong. I wish that we could all find the laundry basket. I wish that once the laundry was done… that the clean clothes could make their way into the closets and drawers. Instead they often remain in the laundry room, being picked through until next Friday.

The kitchen sink will often have dishes that secretly arrived from bedrooms or office. The dishwasher will often still be full of clean dishes from the previous Friday. Walk through the bathrooms and find the sickeningly sweet smell of Tidy Bowl soaking in… waiting to be swished. And finally… the vacuuming… I’ve decided I need an industrial vac to clean up after this bunch. (ask me about Wednesday’s popcorn wonderland)

So, dear Friday… I hate you… but once I finish scraping those fruit snacks off the linoleum… I will love you once more.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Kelly Loubet
Designer/Blogger, Childhood
Moderator, Bookieboo – The Fitness Hangout for Moms
Editor, Bookieboo Rave Reviews and Giveaways

Childhood is a custom clothing design boutique for children. We have 80+ active followers and many more receiving our RSS feed. Childhood’s main page is in a blog format to reach out to potential customers. I blog and vlog personal stories about my family and my company. I also do the occasional product review and giveaway.

I am also moderator and editor at Bookieboo and Bookieboo Raves… top sites in the mommy world boasting 1700+ members and over 500 hits daily.

This being said, Childhood’s biggest influence reaching people is through Twitter. I tweet using the username @childhood. Currently, I have over 1,900 followers. These are quality followers that want to hear what I have to say.

In the world of social media and moms, mommy bloggers are the gatekeepers to creating a positive image. It’s been called the “word of mom.” Moms are very cautious of companies, unless one of their favorite mommy bloggers is involved in promoting it.

I am proud to say that @childhood was the #1 most re-tweeted user on June 18th during a Bookieboo Twitter party! We have had two such Twitter parties… the first was trending topic #5 for the night and the second was trending topic #9 in competition with Iran. :) If you are interested in hosting such a party… let me know… I can help you do it. You will get amazing traffic.

As a Childhood sponsor, you are entitled to prominent ad placement on the Childhood home page and 125×125 button on Bookieboo Raves. I will offer my tweeting services to you by tweeting out promotional messages for you and your company. My Twitter background is also available for advertising. (Ask me about rates)

In addition, I will wear any promotional gear that you send me and pass out any promotional items you send me.

I love to create Whrrl stories to publish on Twitter in real time and also use my Creative Vado Pocket video camera to Vlog my experiences. These stories will heavily include my gracious sponsor(s).

I publish my experiences in blog/vlog form both on Childhood and my personal space within Bookieboo that gets bumped to the front page.

If you have any other things you would like to ask of me… ask away! I am completely PR friendly and I want to help you promote your brand.

I am also available for consulting. I have a background in marketing and sales… both in office and traveling to industry conferences all over the country. In the last year, I have been learning the ins and outs of social media marketing and I’d be happy to share my experiences with you.

Thank you so much for the awesome opportunity to promote your company.

Much Love,

Kelly Loubet

Blog-time Fun!

So v-log is all the rage now… I’m wondering if I should add a video tutorial on how to make a simple skirt for your child? Would anyone be interested? Just a thought…