This and That

My main website is going to undergo some cosmetic surgery. It’s still operable and you can still buy what’s left, but the most current styles are listed on Esty at

I’m thinking of merging my blog and my shopping under the one roof. I’ve been looking at doing a wordpress site. I have a good friend that has been working at designing wordpress sites. He tells me if I let him design it… it will be really “ninja”. I guess that means super cool in 30 year old mom speak.
Today I had a custom fitting with a really amazing and loyal client of mine. She loves everything I do. That’s the kind of person you need around when everything else around you makes you feel like garbage! I’ll spend the next few days sewing away and hassling Travis, my screen printer, for a print here and there.

I feel really pleased that business is carrying on as usual and in some cases better than it was in the store front. Thanks for your support! *hugs*