Pimping myself out… in a way!

It’s not what you think! I’m just referring to the way I’ve had to market my business lately! I mean… I made my first call on a boutique yesterday. It went quite well. They will be picking up my leg warmers and hoodies for the Fall season. Possibly some of my tees even.
In the fashion world, this means that I need to have my Fall line ready to show next month. This is harder than it seems… the rest of the world is in Spring/Summer mode.

There was a market one of my colleagues was showing at yesterday… she wants me to set up wither possibly next weekend. I’m not quite ready for that yet though. I’m aiming for next month to start doing markets.

Then I visited one of my best customers at her home yesterday. She wants a special Easter dress for her granddaughter. I brought her what I had in stock and some pictures of what’s coming. Now she wants to meet again in the coming week with her daughter in law…

The day wasn’t over yet… I met some dear friends and dear customers for dinner last night! I had the pleasure of delivering a gift they had purchased. See? Pimping myself out right?

In the end though… i really think it pays off. At least I hope so! ^_^

http://www.childhoodclothing.etsy.com This is my new Etsy shop. It has some of our hoodies. Soon I will be adding leg warmers and tees.

http://www.childhoodclothing.com/ Online shopping of our other designs still available!