Childhood Prints: Back on Track!

Yesterday, I met with a very talented artist and screen printer who will be helping me roll out the new Spring line of tee shirts! We settled on 2 girls prints and 2 boys prints in a bright nautical theme. The prints will be on sale on the website and on Etsy. I will let you know when the artwork hits in the next few days!

Here is kind of how the process works. I have an idea… “So… I’m seeing a squiggly, curly, knotty rope thing…”

*Scribbles Furiously*

Travis, the artist/printer says… “Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying…”

*Sketches like Michelangelo*

I add… “I think it should be navy.”

*points to tiny little square*

Travis picks the blue.

Not that one…



Travis says… “Why not go with light blue for Spring?”

I reply… “You’re a genius!”

That’s pretty much how it goes. I find it amazing that he can listen to my rambling and it comes out so awesome. We even started a bit on the Fall line that I have to have ready next month for my wholesale customers.

So what else is available for Spring?

Our year-round applique hoodies are posted on Etsy right now: On the website, I’ve posted 4 great reversible pinafore dresses and bloomies in baby sizes as well as size 2. They also come in a size 3/4 as a tunic top. (tested by my 3 year old over leggings and jeans)

In addition, at only, you can purchase a great skirt/capri combo and tee in a comfy cotton/lycra blend. (available in pink, lavender, and yellow)

A big thanks to threeyellowstarfish, tickledpinkgirls and gingerlouiseclothing on Etsy for helping me keep the ball rolling while I transition from store front to online store and wholesale.

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