Blogging Around…

The last few days have been spent finding blogs that are great for networking. In the process, I’ve stumbled across some blogs that are not only great for networking, but also tons of fun to read! On my sidebar I’ve posted a button for the cupcake themed giveaway at Another great giveaway is going on at ! Take a peek!

I’ve also been doing a bit more on Twitter… finding other people with my same love of the handmade to follow. I’m still trying to get in the swing of things on Twitter.

Facebook… eh… I’ve got to find some fans!

I’m doing all of these things in an effort to drive people to take a look at our website

For the LOVE of Art!
Currently, we are running a promotion during the month of February. It was generally aimed at local Arizona shoppers, but I’d like to invite shoppers across the nation to take part. Soooo***During the month of February… spend $100 at Childhood in store or online and receive a free photography session with artist Pamela Nicole! ($200 value) *Arizona residents only*
Out of state customers… spend $50 in store or online and receive a code for 15% off your next entire purchase!***