A New Direction

When one door closes… another one opens. I’ve closed the doors to the storefront of Childhood Boutique after a great 14 month run. Sad, I know… but not too sad. Indeed it’s true I had my life invested in the boutique, but it will carry on in a different way.

Childhood clothing’s exclusive designs will now be carried in small boutiques all over! Our first meeting is this Friday! Who says that the 13th is unlucky? I also have a following of fantastic customers who enjoy unique custom made pieces. Arizona residents can email me for information on personal fittings and/or showings, as well as home shopping parties! (Those are so fun!) info@childhoodclothing.com for more details!

Shop online at http://www.childhoodclothing.com/. Our NEW Spring line will launch Saturday, February 21st. Get a sneak peek of baby girl reversible pinnies and toddler tunics right now thanks to ThreeYellowStarfish on Etsy.

I do have to thank a few fantastic women who help keep the sewing going… I couldn’t do it without them! TickledPinkGirls, ThreeYellowStarfish, and GingerLouiseClothing all on Etsy… you ladies are the best! As always… I am still looking for talented seamstresses to work with. Drop me a line!

Wish me luck on my new endeavor!