Ready or not… here I go! I’ve done it! I’ve set up my first blog! First, I’d like to say a bit about myself. I’m currently the owner of a delightful little brick and mortar boutique in Scottsdale, Az. I’ve been designing clothes and accessories for my own little ones (Rachel, 4 and Allison, 3) for a while now. Before I opened the boutique, I was traveling the country doing wholesale trade shows for a children’s accessory company.

My boutique carries so many wonderful things from moms/artists/designers/small manufacturers. Right now we are showcasing the work of several Etsy designers. I’m addicted to Tickled Pink Girls. Mary is so great… she makes the greatest pieces and even fills my crazy orders for the boutique. LOVE etsy! (

I’m also carrying two small manufacturers. My current favorite is Lunchbox Goods. ( They are fantastic! The fabrics they use are to die for… not to mention their unique yet functional designs. They also make Bottle Pets… those cute little creatures just FLY off my shelves. *Shout out to David and B*

In addition… I am still creating my own things. This last 14 months has been quite a journey! I’m not sure where I will go from from here! Be sure to check out my website: and follow me on twitter!