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Childhood New Product Alert!

We’ve added new legwarmer styles to our line! It’s still cold enough for most of you to still be wearing legwarmers. And if you don’t buy them for warmth… buy them to protect your little crawler’s knees.

One size fits most… we’ve had success in covering babies 6 months old to 6 years old. Made in the USA! 80% Cotton and 20% Lycra.

Coming soon… 100% nylon legwarmers. Stretch them out and wear them like tights! Perfect for the pickest dresser. No more complaining about how thight her tights are!

Etsy Store has Launched!

I’ve officially launched the new Etsy store! Inside you’ll find 4 brand new Spring/Summer tee shirt screen prints. I like to call them “sof-tees” because of the fine screen process and the 100% fine jersey cotton. You’ll also see our collection of applique hoodies.

Take a peek!

Childhood Prints: Back on Track!

Yesterday, I met with a very talented artist and screen printer who will be helping me roll out the new Spring line of tee shirts! We settled on 2 girls prints and 2 boys prints in a bright nautical theme. The prints will be on sale on the website and on Etsy. I will let you know when the artwork hits in the next few days!

Here is kind of how the process works. I have an idea… “So… I’m seeing a squiggly, curly, knotty rope thing…”

*Scribbles Furiously*

Travis, the artist/printer says… “Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying…”

*Sketches like Michelangelo*

I add… “I think it should be navy.”

*points to tiny little square*

Travis picks the blue.

Not that one…



Travis says… “Why not go with light blue for Spring?”

I reply… “You’re a genius!”

That’s pretty much how it goes. I find it amazing that he can listen to my rambling and it comes out so awesome. We even started a bit on the Fall line that I have to have ready next month for my wholesale customers.

So what else is available for Spring?

Our year-round applique hoodies are posted on Etsy right now: On the website, I’ve posted 4 great reversible pinafore dresses and bloomies in baby sizes as well as size 2. They also come in a size 3/4 as a tunic top. (tested by my 3 year old over leggings and jeans)

In addition, at only, you can purchase a great skirt/capri combo and tee in a comfy cotton/lycra blend. (available in pink, lavender, and yellow)

A big thanks to threeyellowstarfish, tickledpinkgirls and gingerlouiseclothing on Etsy for helping me keep the ball rolling while I transition from store front to online store and wholesale.

Join, a fitness hangout for moms, and discover our coupon code for discounts at .

Pimping myself out… in a way!

It’s not what you think! I’m just referring to the way I’ve had to market my business lately! I mean… I made my first call on a boutique yesterday. It went quite well. They will be picking up my leg warmers and hoodies for the Fall season. Possibly some of my tees even.
In the fashion world, this means that I need to have my Fall line ready to show next month. This is harder than it seems… the rest of the world is in Spring/Summer mode.

There was a market one of my colleagues was showing at yesterday… she wants me to set up wither possibly next weekend. I’m not quite ready for that yet though. I’m aiming for next month to start doing markets.

Then I visited one of my best customers at her home yesterday. She wants a special Easter dress for her granddaughter. I brought her what I had in stock and some pictures of what’s coming. Now she wants to meet again in the coming week with her daughter in law…

The day wasn’t over yet… I met some dear friends and dear customers for dinner last night! I had the pleasure of delivering a gift they had purchased. See? Pimping myself out right?

In the end though… i really think it pays off. At least I hope so! ^_^ This is my new Etsy shop. It has some of our hoodies. Soon I will be adding leg warmers and tees. Online shopping of our other designs still available!

A New Direction

When one door closes… another one opens. I’ve closed the doors to the storefront of Childhood Boutique after a great 14 month run. Sad, I know… but not too sad. Indeed it’s true I had my life invested in the boutique, but it will carry on in a different way.

Childhood clothing’s exclusive designs will now be carried in small boutiques all over! Our first meeting is this Friday! Who says that the 13th is unlucky? I also have a following of fantastic customers who enjoy unique custom made pieces. Arizona residents can email me for information on personal fittings and/or showings, as well as home shopping parties! (Those are so fun!) for more details!

Shop online at Our NEW Spring line will launch Saturday, February 21st. Get a sneak peek of baby girl reversible pinnies and toddler tunics right now thanks to ThreeYellowStarfish on Etsy.

I do have to thank a few fantastic women who help keep the sewing going… I couldn’t do it without them! TickledPinkGirls, ThreeYellowStarfish, and GingerLouiseClothing all on Etsy… you ladies are the best! As always… I am still looking for talented seamstresses to work with. Drop me a line!

Wish me luck on my new endeavor!

Calling All Fitness Moms!

This week I joined a wonderful community of moms with a focus on fitness. I’ve added the button to the right side margin for everyone to check it out! It’s called Bookie Boo: Fitness Hangout for Moms. There are forums to read and discuss, helpful tips, and a social networking space for you to customize. (I’ve added pictures from a recent Spring line photo shoot to my page.) You can even connect to from Bookie Boo and receive a coupon code for 25% off your entire purchase!

Our custom clothing line at Childhood will be expanding this Spring. I will be phasing out much of our manufactured labels. I am proud to say however, that ALL of our clothing… whether it’s handmade or manufactured is made in the USA. Take a peek!